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Any large supermarket or small grocery store, commercial or food manufacturing company can not do without high-quality refrigeration equipment.

Depending on the purpose, refrigeration equipment is divided into the following types:

  • Freezing showcases. Used in supermarkets and shops with a small area. There are various modifications: universal, medium temperature, low temperature, corner, table, etc .
  • Special counters for food storage. For example, counters for the storage of seafood, convenience foods, etc .
  • Chest freezers. They are often used for street trading. They come with straight, inclined and curved sliding glass, as well as in other modifications
  • Freezers. A scope – storage, cooling, a freezing of finished products and semi-finished products at low and average temperature conditions. They are used in retail and warehouse space, as well as in food markets, in bars, restaurants, pharmacies, canteens, etc .
  • Refrigerated cabinets. Used for storing, displaying and selling products and drinks in chilled or frozen forms. Used in commercial enterprises and catering. Also, some models can be used in medical institutions
  • Refrigeration split systems. Used for cooling the internal volume of the refrigerating chamber. There are medium-temperature and low-temperature split-systems.